Sail Maintenance & Repair

Your sails need periodic love and attention to keep them performing at their best, and to avoid damage and headaches down the way.

Free pick up and delivery of your sails or canvas in the Banderas Bay Area. We also provide low cost shipping to anywhere else in Mexico.

We have a huge stock of sail material (polyester, nylon and laminates) as well as marine quality canvas material to effectively repair any sail or canvas piece you have on your boat. The loft has excellent sewing machines and a talented crew for quick, high quality service. In the sailing community we are well known for our reliability, quality workmanship and short service times.

Sail maintenance and inspections are an annual check list item on any sailboat, cruiser or racer. Let our expert team help you with a proper assessment of the life of your sails, and make the repairs necessary to keep them performing at their best. ((Put a link here)). Banderas Bay is also a prime staging area for boats crossing the Pacific, and we are perfectly positioned to make sure your sail inventory is up to the task.

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